Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Definition of Friendship

I've heard it said that a friend will help you move....but your best friend will help you move a body.
Well, I have a best friend, and she not only meets the definitions, she make a new one!
A little background:  Susan Griffith and I have been best buddies since we met in 1989 and became house-mates.  We rented a 4-bedroom house so that our young boys could live in a good neighborhood and go to good schools in the Poway School District (more about that later).  But we were also a couple of hot single 30-somethings that still wanted to have some fun (well, she was hot...I was OK)
Flash forward a few years, and Sue introduced me to my now husband...seems a friend of her friend had a friend....you know how that goes......
Sue and I have seen each other through a lot in the past 23 years...and sometimes we feel more like sisters than friends.  When I was picked for the finals of the very first CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI design competition and the awards ceremony was held in New York, Sue cashed in airline miles and was right there with Cliff and me at Swarovski's big event.  Can you even imagine how much fun that was!
And do you know why I now teach beadwork and jewelry making classes for the Poway Adult School -- Yup, cause Susan pushed me to go to a "So You Want to Be a Teacher" meeting when I didn't believe that I would qualify.
We kid each other that we have to stay friends, because we each have very incriminating photos from our shared past that we might not want to have made public!
Well last weekend Sue completely redefined friendship!  Because I begged her to (oh, and I mean begged!), Sue accompanied me to Fresno and assisted me in my booth at The Heart of California Bead & Design Expo.  Now Sue is a Real Estate Agent in the Escondido/Rancho Bernardo/Poway area of San Diego, and knows nothing of beading or beadwork...other than what I tell her when I'm prattling on about what I'm doing.  And my original idea was that Sue would just be there to back me up and cover the main table while I was doing a couple of ring Make & Takes.  Yeah, that was what I THOUGHT would happen.
What actually happend was that the Sparkle-Ing Sparkle-Rings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were a big hit at the show, and I spent almost all my time making rings.  So there was Sue, not knowing a bicone from a briolette, or a seed bead from a seed pod doing her very best to answer questions and sell my patterns and kits.  And boy did she ever sell!
So, if you have a friend like Susan...you know how very, very lucky you are!  And if Sue had enough fun to be enticed to help out with a booth at another time and you see her, please tell her how lucky I know I am!  Oh, and if you are looking for a house in North San Diego County....send Sue a note!
Sparkles and smiles!


  1. Yay, Susan!! We all need friends like you!

  2. That's a true friend I have some like that we have knowen each other for 30 years now, and i am so thankful to have them I wouldn't be where i am at if they hadn't always been there for me as i was always there no matter what for them, I think what you have is the best,