Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Burger Babes and Beads!

Well, Donna and I were at it again. This time we visited Slater's 50/50 Burger in the Liberty Station area of San Diego. First....I LOVE Liberty Station, I love the location, the layout, and the idea of it. This is the former Naval Training Center (aka San Diego Boot Camp)that has been redeveloped and now is a compilation of retail shops, restaurants, art and community centers and housing. This is prime San Diego real estate, and very close to the water, so there are gorgeous views and cool breezes. That said, I don't love the location of Slater's 50/50. It is well hidden behind the area that my GPS says it is located, so on one of the hottest days of the summer (when there were no aforementioned breezes) I was hiking around in circles looking for the front door. However, the crowds indicated that perhaps I was the only location-challenged person -- the place was full by 11:45!

There has been a lot of local buzz about this new place that makes their burgers with 50% bacon. There is a small drawback to the bacon burger, though, they must be cooked to the well-done stage, so I passed on one, and opted instead for their standard ground beef burger, cause I really like mine medium-rare. So...burger was tasty but I opted for the bacon mayonnaise, and it was a bit slippery...my burger literally slipped out of the bun on the first bite! Very funny to everyone watching, just not so funny from my perspective ;-) Donna opted for the same burger, but didn't get the mayo, so her's at least stayed in the bun. So this is definitely a good burger place, but not a great burger place. A bit up there on the $$$ scale, and a little too far away from most everything to be a work-week lunch destination unless you have more than 1 hour to spare.

And with their wall of beer taps, I'd much rather go here in the evening, or on the weekend!

So, the beads this time belonged to me. I wore my Swarovski Elements Disk Pendant necklace in gorgeous Bermuda Blue...and got lots and lots of attention.
Stopped at Macy's on the way home, and one of the salesladies is now a new customer!

Now that's what I call Sparkles and Smiles!

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