Sunday, October 28, 2012

Texas Terrific!

Well, I'm on my way home now from BeadFest Texas, and I must say the trip was Terrific!  The show is a small one, but with some very special vendors: Beyond Beadery (once again Betcey gets to go home with much of my money) the ever-so lovely and talented Jill Wiseman (Tapestry Beads), Beth from Kabela Designs (can't wait to get started on some of my new filigree pieces...thank you so much!) and my almost neighbor from San Diego, Jeannette Cook (Beady Eyed Women), to name my favorites.... and some very, very special attendees.  Had great fun at Meet The Teachers, and I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed with everyone's response to what I was offering.  Thank you all for your support and purchases!

Also got some very quick hug and catch-up time with my Sparkle Sisters (fellow Ambassadors) June Beach and Deb Simon.  There is never enough time to spend with them.

I should have taken more pictures...only took 2 from dinner Friday night at Pappadeux (yum!!), and with the lighting we all looked a bit zombie-ish, which is how I must look right now after about 4 hours sleep, and a 5:50am shuttle pick up.

So, my first time BeadFest and first time Dallas experience was wonderful! Dallas people are all so very friendly....and chatty, two of my favorite qualities. I know this won't be my last trip here.

Oh...and of course, we played with lots and lots of Swarovski Elements in my "C'mon Let's Twist" class. The ladies really liked the Rhombus Pendants and Kreinik's Custom Corder.

I do love my life, early morning flights and all.
Sparkles and smiles, ya'll

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