Sunday, March 11, 2012

People I love....
From time to time I would like to share a bit of info about some of the amazing people I've met and become friends with in my sparklie world.  I'll be doing a lot of this, 'cause this sparklie trek I've taken has led me to a lot of really spectacular people!
And, because she convinced/coerced me into blogging again, I'm starting with Pat Reisenberger.  Pat is a serious over-achiever...she has more than one blog - and she keeps up with them regularly in a fun, chatty, manner that makes you feel you are just on the phone with her.  My favorite is her Crafty Retailer Blog:  It is full of cool info about running your own business in the arts & crafts field.  Pat has tons of experience, she began marketing her business in the days before it was easy (with Facebook and LinkedIn and all the other social media sites) and has managed her own retail brick & mortar art/craft store.
Pat and I have been chatting and posting to each other for more than a year through our CYS Ambassador connection, but we met "IRL" at the CREATE YOUR STYLE in Tucson Ambassador Showroom last month.  She is as bright and warm as the sun from her Florida home!  Pat is also stunningly beautiful, and if this were Junior High I'd hate her.  But Pat is such a full kettle of bubbling goodness it was impossible to not be enchanted with her.  She designs primarily in felt and embellishes with Swarovski Elements in the most creative and innovative ways.  I can imagine her students are just spellbound by her, and some day I'm going to treat myself to one of her classes.
So...go over and read her blogs, The Crafty Retailer (above) and her really fun Urban Stitch Studio:  The woman is now RAISING GOATS!
I really regret that Pat and I didn't get our picture taken together...except this one.  Pat is on the far right and she is wearing one of her amazing felted and embellished scarves....I've got to get one of those...

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was blushing and grinning ear to ear as I read your post, was a delightful treat to read on a hectic Monday morning. (and I am REALLY happy to see you touting the benefits of blogging!) I look forward to seeing you again soon...