Friday, March 9, 2012

Back to Blogging

OK, so like a large percentage of Bloggers, I started with the best intentions to write on a regular basis, and then...well, stuff happens.
So, I'm re-committing myself to keeping my blog up to date.

The good news is, I have good news to share.
I've been a busy lady over the past year or so, and now have a teaching schedule I can post up here, both Southern California and National.  I'll be putting that calendar up soon.

I also have projects published recently:
Wirework, Fall 2011
Bead & Button December 2011
Bead Design Studio December 2011
And...I'll have more projects coming, one in Bead Design Studio (Date TBD) and another project in Bead & Button magazine October 2012

And if looks like I've written 3 new blog posts all today...well, I just transferred a couple of my CREATE YOUR STYLE with Swarovski Sparkling Community Ambassador blogs over here.  In the future I'll be able to link my blogging to have everything appear at one time...ah, yes, as soon as I learn how!

Website is actually almost finished...will link to it soon.  I'd love to have your feedback.
So lots and lots of Sparkles and Smiles in my neighborhood - and I promise to share them!

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